Make that old stuff new again
Make that old stuff new again

Big Bay

Our Big Bay Blaster and our capabilities

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The Big Bay and our capabilities

Please note: The Big Bay is a We-Blast service and requires the use of one of our trained operators.

The Big Bay is a 20′ x 35′ enclosure with a large 15′ wide and 12′ tall  opening. We can accommodate car and light truck bodies, frames,  boat and utility trailers up to 20′ in length. 

A 3 ton forklift can assist in loading and unloading your project.

We cannot do large transport tractors or trailers, dump trailers, dump trucks, large industrial equipment, or boat hulls with anti-foul paint. Please contact the shop and we can refer you to several companies in the area that can handle really large projects.

Under most circumstances, we cannot do the underside of running vehicles. The shop is not approved for an automotive type hoist and we are very reluctant to blast around fuel and hydraulic lines, as well as electrical harnesses. You can contact the shop for further details.

 The Blaster

An MMLJ DB500 with a 100kg media capacity that allows up to 1 hour of continuous operation.  This is the same machine that can be seen on several TV shows, including Overhaulin’ and My Classic Car.  We’ve hooked it up to a 185 CFM diesel compressor; air delivery is not a problem!  The blaster also has adjustable air pressure, so we can dial it down for more delicate projects. 

The Media

Based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and in conversation with several other blasting companies in the Lower Mainland, we’ve settled on recycled crushed glass in fine, medium and coarse mesh sizes. It is exactly the same media that we run in the cabinets and it does an excellent job. The fine mesh leaves a very smooth surface and is perfect for car bodies, motorcycle frames or surfaces that require a fine etch. The medium mesh is great for removing rust and old paint from large suspension pieces, auto frames, boat and utility trailers and the like. The coarse mesh works really well at removing heavy mill scale, epoxy coatings, powder coatings and other difficult coatings.  We can even do a first pass with the medium or coarse and finish with the fine, to get the surface preparation that you require.

We’ll be happy to consult with you on your particular project and make recommendations on mesh size.

We can use other medias to blast your project at additional cost. We’ll make the determination on a case by case basis. Consult with the shop staff for a rate schedule and suitability.


$205.00 per hour. There’s a 30 minute minimum and we charge in 10 minute increments.


We’ll be pleased to book you an appointment to have your project blasted in our Big Bay. Call or email the office to get the process started. Our contact information is on the CONTACT page.