Make that old stuff new again
Make that old stuff new again


The rates for do it yourself sandblasting at Langley U-Blast.

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To see what’s possible with the blasting cabinets, take a SHOP TOUR.

We offer 2 types of service for the blasting CABINETS:

Our rate for do it yourself is $78.00 per hour. There’s a 15 minute minimum, and we keep track of your time in 5 minute increments. Our standard medias, latex or nitrile gloves, and ear plugs are included at no extra cost.

Our rate is $104.00 per hour. There’s again a 15 minute minimum and we track time in 5 minute increments.

WE-BLAST (BIG BAY)     Click here

Please note that we generally do not offer fixed prices for WE-BLAST projects. There are a great many variables at play when blasting an item,  and while we do try to give an honest estimate of how long we think it will take, we do occasionally get it wrong.  That said, we’ll always inform you immediately if we think we’re going to overshoot the estimate. If you are concerned about the cost of a project, consult with a member of our staff and let them know you are working with a strict budget. We’ll do our reasonable best to stick within it.

Soda Blasting
$15 per hour additional charge, $15.00 minimum.
$15 initial cleaning fee if the job requires a 99.9% clean cabinet.

Aluminum Oxide Blasting
$15 per hour additional charge, $15.00 minimum.

Pre-Paid Cards

Ask us about our Pre-Paid card options. They make a great gift or are useful for a large project where you might have to make several return trips to finish up the “odd & ends”.

We do offer special promotions from time to time. Check back often as they will come and go relatively quickly.